I don’t have a clue who is in serious contention for the 2009 Nobel prize in Chemistry. Yeah, there are a bunch of old guys out there who deserve it. But who are the contenders this year? I have all but stopped reading C&EN and JACS, so I am unaware of who this years darlings of chemistry really are.

I’d really like to see Harry Gray share it. I’d like to see Whitesides and Bergman get a trip to Sweden as well. But I’ll admit that I’m well out of the loop. Any thoughts out there? I’m sure that I’ve slept through the discovery, development, and implementation of  several new disciplines, each with it’s own journal and series of conferences. It’s inevitable.

10/4/09.   OK, I’ll guess Craig Venter for Chemistry and Stephen Hawking for Physics.

10/7/09.  Wrong Again!!!! See later post for update.