So they finally nabbed Polanski. It’s about time. Back in 1977 or so when I made a meager living as a movie projectionist, I ran a movie called The Tenant, starring and directed by Roman Polanski. It was a dark psychological story about a man living in an apartment previously occupied by a woman who committed – or was driven to – suicide. In my view, Polanski should get a few years tacked onto his sentence just for making this grim stinker. OK, I’m indulging in sarcasm. Shelly winters and a few other notables were in it. But they were unable to bring it to life.

I recall that the lead character, Trelkovsky, tried to jump to his death from his (2nd floor?) apartment window, but tragically survived the fall. So, he drug himself up the steps and tried one more time, only to fail once again. There is more, but I won’t waste time over it.

Over a short period of 4 days we sold perhaps 12 tickets, and of those, more than a few customers walked out. In an attempt to cut his losses, the owner of the theater pulled it and booked something else. Little did we know that a movie called Star Wars would soon be wound onto our 6000 ft reels and beaming quietly from twin Norelco 35 mm projectors onto our single screen. The Tenant was evicted from our theater.