A few of us have formed a theatre company. It is a not-for-profit operation. It’s too sketchy to expect a profit in theatre anyway. May as well admit that up front. Among the founders is a playwright.

Our first performance as a theatre company is coming up soon and was written by our in-house writer. It is a play called Cow Dung Dust. The story takes place among hitchhikers in the back of a cattle trailer headed for California along Route 66 ca 1970. The same writer wrote the play Beets, which we performed in Loveland, Colorado, last spring. It was actually quite a hit.

The first public airing of Cow Dung Dust will be performed as readers theatre. This is much like radio mystery theatre with actors reading from a script and with a bit of lighting and sound effects.  Since we do not have a few kilobucks to throw into set pieces, costumes, and lighting, readers theatre is what we are able to do first thing. It is like a garage band having to do a bunch of lean and mean gigs in order to build up a following. I have a feeling that after the readers theatre we’ll be keen to do a stage performance of it. This approach gives the playwright a chance to tweak the script after he sees the audience react to it.

The next performance will be a well known stage play. This requires paying royalties for use of the script, which is typically copywritten tighter than a piano wire. Should be fun. It is so wonderfully different from chemistry, I can’t help but enjoy it.