It has been 4 or 5 years since I have given a talk at a national ACS meeting. It was with great enthusiasm then that I registered and submitted my abstract last fall. There is not a lot we industrial guys can get up and talk about.  A few weeks ago I confidently decided to follow up on the disposition of my talk and was dismayed to learn that it was declined.


I am very disappointed. To my knowledge I followed all of the rules and chose a section that fit the topic.  While the ACS registration website does a good job of collecting your information, it is rather lacking in providing a means of feedback or status to speakers.

Since I have not yet been contacted by a human being, or an automated notification for that matter, I can only surmise that the theme of the section was a mismatch with my topic. Oh yes, I received a limp email “sorry” from somebody at the online help desk.

I wanted to talk about the unexpected energetic decomposition of a class of compounds and some DSC and TGA studies I have done.

Okay, I’m dismayed with certain organs of the Nat’l ACS and their inscrutable ways. But I am willing to admit that I missed some cue or other stagegate that kept me off the boat. But for cryin’ out loud! What was it?? Whose shoes do you have to shine to get an answer?

So, I’ll use the time to get more data and aim for the Boston meeting. A friend was helping with some Hartree-Fock calculations. I was able to correlate onset temperatures with certain periodic trends experimentally. Perhaps we’ll have a better theoretical understanding of the bonding issues by the next meeting.

Update.  Made contact with a person. The sections website is a bit lacking in detail, but with persistant surfing names and email addresses can be found elsewhere.