Guapo, Arizona.  A spokesman for the Institute for Human-Aetherphone Interface Studies at Pultroon University has issued a press release announcing the signing of a non-exclusive licensing agreement between the University Intellectual Properties Office and Apple Computer, Inc. 

The office of Romeo MacGregor, director of new product development at Apple, declined to comment. However, sources at Pultroon University who wish to remain anonymous stated that Apple is planning a user interface based on certain aspects of Theremin technology developed at the university.

Project Claire de Lune, as it is called according to sources inside Apple, will revolutionize computer interfacing by allowing the user to gesticulate data entry bare handed within a small RF field surrounding the device and without the inconvenience of having to manipulate Wii-type control devices.

Sources inside Pultroon University claim that control appliances modulating the motion of the jaw, tongue, and eyelids can be affixed to the users head via eyeglass frames for an increased number of parallel input channels to devices like the iPad.

Microsoft has been rumored to be developing a user interface based on Theremin technology under the codename Krell.