Have you seen the footage of the police officer who tasered some 17 year old  kid who ran onto the ball field at a Phillies game the other day? What kind of world do we live in when cops feel they’re required to electrically stun a kid who stupidly ran onto the field? Why is this a stunnable offense? Welcome to the city of brotherly shove.

It wasn’t a meeting of the United Nations or a drunken brawl at a biker party. It was just a ball game- entertainment for the idle- where a fun lovin’ kid was trying to outrun the baseball authorities. We have become so intolerant of unstructured behavior that we allow our police to partially electrocute citizens.

This is only the latest incident where a law officer seems to use his stun gun when he’s merely inconvenienced. Maybe if Philadelphia had skinnier cops, they could catch more of their suspects rather than having to zap them like livestock.

Naturally, the police chief stated that it appeared that the officer was within department guidelines.  This kind of answer from a chief of police is really disturbing. The fool didn’t have the wits to say it was under study or some other delay tactic.  Yeah, the kid was a bonehead for running onto the field. But when the state feels justified in using this kind of force on some goofy kid, it has gone too far.