A world class non-ferrous mineral deposit in Minnesota is on the cusp of opening.  Duluth Metals, a Canadian mining company, has been engaged since at least 2006 in developing its Nokomis property in northern Minnesota along the north shore of Lake Superior. The magnitude of the find is stunning and Minnesota will eventually be synonymous with non-ferrous metals like copper, nickel, platinum group metals, and Norwegian bachelor farmers.  The Duluth complex is part of the second largest mafic intrusion in the world, second only to the Bushveld complex in South Africa.

Mining people are accustomed to looking at these reports and the accompanying prospectus. But it is interesting for we sheltered, begloved, and begoggled chemists to view the birth of a new mining district from the protected confines of our air conditioned laboratories. Perhaps in a few years Minnesota palladium will catalyze your Suzuki coupling.