We arrived at a Perkins restaurant to rustle up some grub this evening and had an encounter with reality television.  The characters from the cable television show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” were filming inside the restaurant. Dog is actually named Duane Lee Chapman and has quite a colorful history. He was born in Denver, CO, in 1953. According to Wikipedia he did 18 months of prison in Huntsville, TX.  He belonged to the Devils Diciples at one point and worked as a bail bondsman. Between all of the wives, he has ca 12 kids.

Dog the Bounty Hunter filming at a local Perkins dining establishment. Photo by Th' Gaussling, (C) 2010.

The film crew included two hand-held camera operators, a director chick in tight blue jeans and a western blouse, Dog’s 5th wife, Beth, two subjects to be interviewed by Dog, and a half-dozen other on and off camera crew.

Dog & the Mrs Leaving Perkins. Photo by Th' Gaussling, (C) 2010.

The universe provides surreal experiences on occasion and this was one of those times. This was my second “dog” experience in this restaurant. The first involved a psychotic roughneck called Mad Dog a long time ago. But that is another story.