My morning commute through the countryside takes me past more than a few fields of sunflowers. By late July the flowers are out and without exception, all nodding toward the east where a star appears every day. Many of the local farmers have taken to raising sunflowers rather than the usual corn and sugar beets.  I haven’t a clue as to what kind of machinery is used to harvest these things.

One of the local heliotropes

It is uncanny that the entire crop will lock the flowering body orientation in the direction of the sun.  Somehow the direction of the sun at other times of day does not randomize the orientations. If you stand and look at a field of sunflowers, you’ll see outliers in height, but not direction of flower orientation. Or so my experience has been. There has to be some frequency of orientation outliers.

I wonder if there isn’t some growth step in the stem than occurs over a short time span X days into its growth, removing what stem mobility that might exist and locking the flower in place?

Such things make me wonder if our concepts of consciousness, with human consciousness as the benchmark, aren’t a bit too self serving.