Guapo, Arizona.  University Chancellor Dr. Tina Grimstone issued a press release containing the annual list of Honorary Degrees to be conferred by Pultroon University at the spring 2011 commencement.   Notable are three awardees from the State of Wyoming, former US Senator Alan Simpson, former Sectretary of the Interior James Watt, and former Vice President Richard “Dick” Cheney. 

In her brief comments Dr. Grimstone stated that “seldom has a state produced three characters of the magnitude of Simpson, Watt, and Cheney in a single generation. We felt it was important to highlight this fact as an example to others who may choose public service.”

The University public affairs office disclosed that Sen. Simpson will deliver the commencement address on the topic of “Folksy Farm Witicisms in Public Life.”  Secretary Watt will follow the ceremony with a pentecostal benediction spoken in tongues and Vice President Cheney will pesent the Honorary St. Elmo’s Firing Pin to the Chancellor in the precessional.