10/23/10.  Th’ Gaussling is spending a safe and sane Mole Day at an undisclosed location in Colorado. The gaity and frivolity of this years madcap festivities will be left to others. Th’ Gaussling has instead chosen to mark the date with a period of introspection and solemn meditation rather than the customary secular bacchanalian festivus.

Mole Day Benediction

Yea, followers of the Morse Curve and the illuminati Willard Gibbs, be true to the fundamental science and fear ye not. For, while ignorance is all around us, ye shall be rewarded for your toils in our beloved endeavor. Ye shall be granted deep insight and freedom from the terrors suffered by those who follow the ways of mysticism. Fear is not the way of science.

So it was and so it shall be. Thus spake Th’ Gaussling.