Our community theatre project has gone from a spare time activity to the Monster that Ate Philadelphia.  Producing, directing, and acting in a production is somewhat more strenuous than it looks. Much more so when you have little budget and multiple jobs. 

The off-stage activity requires some acting as well. You have to convince actors and crew to set aside their natural suspicions and work without pay. You have to coerce local media to cover your upcoming production for free. You have to find lights, props, and materials for stagecraft. And you have to compel the public to plant their ticketed backsides in the seats. All in exchange for an evening of what you’re proposing to call entertainment.

Rehearsals have been brutal.  We have a cast of 19 for You Can’t Take it With You. Turns out that the probability of everyone showing up at any given rehearsal is somewhat less than unity.  Set construction from bare lumber and recycled flats to assembled and decorated flats has taken perhaps a hundred manhours with all of the running around.

Why do it?  Well, it’s Show Business!  What kind of a question is that?