Got an email from a  friend who is a patent examiner. I thought I’d pass the rumor that the US Patent and Trademark Office is planning to hire 1000 more examiners in the coming months, 100 of which will be in the chemical field.  The USPTO website seems rather perky as well.  I can’t verify the accuracy of the number of hires planned- it’s just what my examiner friend said.

The good news is that it is a job with benefits. The bad news is that you have to live in the DC area, study patent applications all day, and haggle with endothermic patent attorneys.  For an interesting view of life as an examiner, read the blog Just a Patent Examiner.  Remember, Einstein was a patent examiner. Hmmm …. I wonder if he understood novelty?

My friend said that the goal is to fill the slots before the hoard of angry Tea Party Pissants take over the house next year.  (Well, ok. He said republicans. I made up the part about Tea Party Pissants)

I can’t bring myself to apply.

I wonder if an examiner must have more than ordinary skill in the art? An Über-Phosita.