One of the tricks screen writers and playwrights use to pull you into the finale of a story is the tell-off.  You know what I’m talking about. It is the monolog or the heavily one-sided dialog where one party reads the riot act to the other.  The best tell-offs are dispensed with some verbal whup-ass and topped with liberal dollup of comeuppance on a big honkin’ slice of just deserts. My Gawd, it’s some kinda good!

In the play I was in recently, my character was told off or shouted down by three other characters. The tell-off and a chase scene are the staples of American theatre and cinema.

Here is a link to an editorial addressed to the president of SUNY Albany, found in the journal Genome Biology. So, president Gerrge M. Philip has been told-off in no uncertain terms.  Now, somebody in a red Fez has to chase him through a seedy bazaar in Marrakech with goats and chickens scattering everywhere for the total dramatic effect.  It’s the natural order of things.