Check out the picoSpin website. This company is coming out with a 45 MHz permanent magnet NMR in 1Q2011 that produces FID’s so the user may collect FT spectra.  The instrument is somewhat larger than a toaster and is sensitive enough for many undergraduate and industrial applications. The customer must provide the computer and data workup software.

The other company out there offering non-superconducting FT systems is Anasazi Instruments. They have been refurbishing the fleet of 60 & 90 MHz CW systems sitting in storage rooms throughout academia into FT instruments.

I am jazzed. I think we might get one. OK. It is low field and low sensitivity. But that is often enough.  For an in-process check very often you’re just looking for one or two diagnostic peaks to collapse or grow to indicate reaction progress. This instrument could fit the bill.

I think many people will agree that the big supercon systems on the market, while well endowed with capability, often provide wildly more capacity than is actually used. A sort of creeping featurism.  This instrument is utterly utilitarian in conception and priced at $20,000.

I think this is a welcome addition to the selection of NMR instruments for the chemical field and I wish them well in their endeavors.