Some interesting links on Th’ Gaussling’s Favorites List-

Many moons ago, as a 9th grader, I built an atomic cloud chamber. I fabricated a galvanized sheet metal reservoir for dry ice and methanol and attached a chamber on the top made from the top of a metal Folgers coffee can. The can had a plexiglass viewing window and three curved plexiglass windows on the side for illumination. The plans were from C.L. Stong’s column “The Amateur Scientist” in Scientific American.

Going into 10th grade I managed to borrow a Polonium-210 source from the physics teacher. It was just a needle with a small spot of radioisotope on one side and a cork on the other. I never did see any activity from the source, but I did see a few stray vapor trails from background radiation. Turns out that the source had a short half life and was long dead.

One of the more interesting websites is United Nuclear.  They sell various nuclear related items, ball mills, as well as NdFeB super magnets. Most notably, they sell a cloud chamber that looks quite well designed. They also sell sources.

The best place to buy electronic cables is MonoPrice.  A USB cord selling for $30 at Best Buy will go for just a  few dollars at MonoPrice.  Same story with HDMI cables.

If you love to listen to speakers talk about exciting ideas and technology, then TED is the place to go.

The MetaFilter community weblog is a treasure trove of unusual links dredged up by many contributors. The site is updated continuously.

Patently-O is a consistently well produced weblog on patent law and worth visiting now and then. 

An excellent aggregator of earth science related news is They are reasonably good at finding rare earth element related news.