Kennedy Space Center,  January 6, 2011.  Officials at the Kennedy Space Center released spectacular photos of the recent launch and explosion of SITCOM 2WTF. The $300 million comedy satellite was to be the first of 3 satellites to go into geostationary orbit exclusively for the Comedy Channel. Underwriters at Acme Insurance, however, weren’t laughing.

Launch Failure of SITCOM 2WTF

Lewis Black, Director of Launch Operations at the Comedy Central network, was quoted as saying “Sonofabitch!!  We put a bird on orbit dedicated to Law and Order reruns just the other day. What the hell happed to this one?”

A spokesman for Kathy Griffin, Satellite Procurement Officer for Comedy Central, said the comic had been on the phone all morning with Pixar’s Comedy Rocket Motor Division headquarters in Malibu. Griffin is reported to be quite upset and is preparing a Comedy Central tell-all special on her drunken encounters with comedy satellite celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld and George Wallace.

Veteran comic Phillis Diller is reportedly shocked by the event. She was selected to be at the cape to light the fuse for the launch.  Diller was unavailable for comment.