It is interesting that China’s new J20 stealth aircraft has been revealed before deployment. US stealth aircraft were long a source of UFO reports before they were officially acknowledged.  The Chinese J20 aircraft, called a “fighter” by some, bears a striking resemblance to the US F22 Raptor, though larger and perhaps capable of a fighter-bomber role.

China's J20 Aircraft

While some discount the real maturity of Chinese stealth technology, it is clear that they are on track for parity with the US in this regard.  Stealth technology has as much to do with the shape and angle of surfaces and edges as it does radar absoptive coatings. The Chinese already know what it takes. They just have to come up with flight control systems and manufacturing processes to build the aircraft.

Stealth aircraft and nuclear powered aircraft carriers are a potent combination for the projection of power. Will the sun rise on a Chinese nuclear carrier group patrolling the Atlantic by 2020?  Where will their authoritarian marketplace take them, and us?