At some point, self-confidence more resembles a learning disorder. This is one of the great truths of history, I believe. The unwise advancement into adverse conditions with little more than the loincloth of bravado has lead to the demise of many. In that group of the many are military and political leaders, businessmen, frontiersmen, ponzi scammers, technocrats, and adventurers of all sorts.

We all like to be around people who are self-assured and cool. The air of self-confidence is a necessary attribute for those entrusted with the authority to commit resources on the large scale. But often the authority is not backed with a durable feedback loop for checks and balances. This is a fatal weakness in any system that focuses the authority on a few to delegate resources.  Sweet enthusiasm may quickly ferment into the delerious elixor of greed. Beware those who are frequently wrong, but never in doubt.

This is the Darwinistic force that lead to the evolution of that curious species, the auditor. The auditor is an omnivore with slender and dextrous fingers for prying under the bark to tease out burrowing pests. The large ears of the auditor and cavernous nasal passages evolved to detect burrowing vibrations and the unusual odors of malfeasance.  The bulbous eye stalks have special neural GAAP networks for the detection of tell-tale body language and with laser-like focus, can pierce the corporate veil and lock onto fraudulent transactions.  Woe is he to whom the auditor has taken special interest.