Working late in the lab tonight. Listening to Music from the Hearts of Space on NPR. Couldn’t leave for supper so I had to break into my emergency cup-o-noodles for nourishment, such as it is.  Night is a good time to write reports and tumble deep into the dendritic recesses of the internet. Some companies won’t let you in the building after hours. I’m good as long as I don’t unchain the dragon and let her fly around.

Have to purify some inorganic stuff I made. It’s very problematic. The material has a large coefficient of expansion in the solid phase from room temp up to the mp. The solid mass tends to break the container if you’re not careful.  It’s a real pisser to make some moisture sensitive stuff only to have the jar or flask break on warming.  The earth’s atmosphere will have its way with my lovely anhydrous product and deliquesce it into a corrosive hellbroth.  Glovebags are useful, but not always the answer.  Deliquescent powders have a way of contaminating the interior surfaces of a glovebag, making it sticky like a empty bag of honey-baked ham.

I use glovebags from Aldrich and am less than happy with them. The ziplock fastener always fails after just a few uses no matter how gently I use it.  I’m pretty sure the check we send to SAF for the bags always clears the bank and the funds remain negotiable until they need it. 

And speaking of SAF, I have received many bottles of reagents lately that are absent the usual physical properties printed on the label. You know,  like MW, density, etc. And what print there might be is absolutely microscopic. C”mon guys.