Th’ Gaussling attended his first acting workshop this evening in Boulder. The attendees read monologs and cuttings in front of a director for much needed feedback and coaching.  The four of us from our local theatre group read a variety of things.

I am particularly proud of my colleages, one in particular who read a very intense selection from Shakespeare’s Richard III.  It was astonishing how she captured the frightful urgency and fear in the character. I knew she had a good bit of experience, but I had not personally witnessed her do such a dramatic part.

Another colleague portrayed a mentally disturbed character recounting driving a cab in Manhattan and picking up LBJ and Bob Hope. Her voice work was quite good, but her facial expressions brought it home.

My monolog was about an angry guy working as a department store Santa Claus. I pulled out my Brooklyn accent and mannerisms from The Odd Couple and went to work. It was a lot of fun.