Big, angry, armored termite soldiers from the Planet “O” land off the coast of SoCal and make an amphibious assault. Luckily for humanity they land near Camp Pendelton. Thus begins Battle: Los Angeles

Filmed in a documentary style, this movie follows the travails of a platoon of Marines on a mission to pick up civilians at a police station in Malibu and take them to a forward operating base (FOB) before heavy bombardment of the coast begins. The aliens take and keep the initiative early in the invasion.

The invaders aren’t misunderstood ET’s with big blue cow eyes.  These bipedal and possibly cyborgish critters are loaded with high velocity rounds and are fiendishly single-minded in their attempt to secure the planet. Aaron Eckhart plays the lead character, Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz.  Along the way the platoon picks up USAF staff sergeant Elena Santos played by Michelle Rodriguez. The casting of Rodriguez was particularly smart from the marketing perspective. Hotties with automatic weapons are irresistable to the male moviegoer. I’m thinking of Ripley making her escape from the Nostromo.

OK, guys, this is not a chick flick. It’s not especially bloody, but it is filled to the brim with male bravado and long satisfying bursts of full automatic gun fire. Wives and girl friends may be unmoved by the machinegun aesthetic. Just thought I’d mention it.

It’s not Academy Award stuff, but it is worth seeing on the big screen.

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