I’ll admit that I’m not a sports fan. Football, baseball, basketball- it’s all just millionaires in tight pants or baggy shorts. Pre-game shows, post-game shows, hyperventilated blather, color commentary, merchandising, endlessly excessive analysis of minutae. It’s all a bit too much. It is a repetitious pageant of faux gladiators wrapped up in a glitzy Las Vegas style package promising wildly more than it delivers.

March is basketball fever time. My God! How the hell can you people sit through this stuff? Here is a proposed improvement to the game. Raise the hoop 24 inches.  If you can dunk the ball, the hoop is too low. This seems obvious. 

Is there a correlation between the popularity of Bud Light and the popularity of basketball?  Two dreadfully bland inventions beloved by a common population?  Hmmm.  Panem et circenses.

Yeah, yeah. I know. How can a guy who “writes” a blog like this criticize basketball for being boring?  I don’t know. I’ll have come up with a rebuttal.