The world wide web is a never ending source of wonderment … for the curious.  It’s just email for everyone else.

A 3-D priniting device has been demonstrated using concentrated sunlight to fuse sand into sintered glass structures. In the Sahara. Where there is a lot of sand and sunlight, naturally.

Think you understand why the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991?  Think it was the dynamic duo of Ronnie Reagan, Maggie Thatcher, and their SDI that done em’ in? Well, these two characters had a part in it certainly. But the USSR was at the peak of its power by that time.  And they knew that SDI was decades from implementation. What was the real reason that the powerful and influential USSR collapsed? The article in the July/August issue of Foreign Policy by Aron Leon gives some interesting insights into that period of history,

Malcom Gladwell on spaghetti sauce.

Whither tellurium?