Last Saturday the local chapter of the EAA held a fly-in at Vance Brand Airport in Longmont, Colorado.  We got there late, so we missed most of the show. Did see some good aerobatics though.  This is the airport where yours truly learned to fly.

On the tie-down ramp at Vance Brand, June 25, 2011.

 What is most interesting about attending an EAA fly-in is the variety of airplanes that are on display.  But the show was a bit lean this year. Only one warbird was there. Usually there is more action with the relics.

Vance Brand used to have excellent air shows, but A**en built a pharmaceutical plant adjacent to the airport and caused the airspace to be unsuitable for aerial displays.  To add insult to injury, certain products were black boxed a few years back with the result that good people have been let go and much of the production hit the skids. So, what was a rich culture of aviation at this field has been chased away by a marginal pharma plant that can’t seem to either thrive or shut down. It’s pathetic, but it’s what happens when you build a business plan on technology that is as complex as what they were trying to do. Pharma companies- never in doubt but frequently wrong.