From an article by reporter Alex Rodriquez in the Tuesday, July 12, 2007, LA Times entitled “History succumbing to the allure of ore”.  The article describes efforts by archeologists to dig sites in an area southeast of Kabul soon to be razed by bulldozers in preparation for copper mining.

So, I understand the part about saving the archeology.

What I fail to understand is why the US is fighting in Afganistan, expending national treasure consisting of the lives of soldiers, equipment, and mountains of cash, while the China Metallurgical Group is busily extracting copper.

USA fights for “freedom”, expending vast treasure.  China’s communism overrides freedom yet digs and extracts treasure.  Really now.

Are we congenital fools?  Are the Chinese at least thanking us for making Afganistan safer for them?  The wars in Afganistan, Iraq, and Pakistan are estimated to cost the US 3.7 trillion dollars.  These wars have produced wealth for defense contractors and for China through it’s mining.  At home republicans are busy sheltering corporations and the wealthy from tax liability while trying to apply wingnut libertarian economic theory to justify why we can’t commit resources at home. 

Most republicans are not wealthy. Yet, republican ranks are jam packed with people of modest means who support a doctrine and a silent power base of wealth who will not reciprocate the support.  It’s utterly irrational.

This is too crazy for words.