The Borders books chain is set to liquidate, possibly this Friday according to this link. But, like the elk with a broken leg, if the grizzlies don’t get it, the winter surely will. According to reports, the firm was beset with poor management, superior competition, a paradigm shift in buying behavior, and a crummy overall economic picture. The creditors- publishers to a large extent- must be satisfied.

As a frequent patron of Amazon, I hold some personal responsibility for this. I did enjoy browsing in the local store. I bought my issues of Nuts and Volts, Asimov’s Science Fiction, and Kitplanes. But in the end, Amazon had the selection I wanted to spend money on. Obscure print-on-demand books from the 19th century. Not your basic consumer fare at a Borders.

For we browsers of the world, this is a definite loss. Of course, the lesson for browsers is to actually buy something while in the store. That way they can keep the doors open. Or so I’ve heard.