I’m getting to know the RTCal software that animates my RC1.  Thinking about reactions in terms of their enthalpy profile continues to provide deeper insights for an organikker like me.  It is yet another indication that P-Chem is the central pillar of the central science.  

Our culture is driven foreward by exothermicity. We energize the machines of progress and of war by harnessing the exothermic drivers, be they nuclear or chemical.  

Our exothermic sun pumps a global weather machine that provides the motive force to spin the wind turbines to energize our iPads. The sun evaporates water for it’s eventual depostion at high gravitational potential for the release of hydroelectrically accelerated electrons.  Hydroelectric power is an expression of stellar nuclear exothermicity.

The thermal web of our world is an eternal equilibrium of latent and sensible heat flows.  Water’s latent heat of condensation helps to ramp up thunderstorm formation with the result of flowers and high fructose corn syrup and tornados.  The metabolic heat of formation of water and CO2 warms our bodies and provides animation for our desires and our many methods of locomotion.   Dancing and laughter and lust thrive because of exothermicity.

Our lives are spent in the semi-fluid atomic matrix of our bodies while a continual stream of energy flows through them, energizing  metabolism through the magic of ATP and then diffusing into the surroundings.  This energy has resulted in the universe becoming self-aware through the sentience of material beings.

Eventually, because of the disorder accumulated by the large number of exothermic transformations inherent to continuous metabolism, our legs will stiffen and our jaws will lock shut in death as the stream of energy ceases to issue from us. The transience of sentience is rooted in thermodynamics.  How this can be is still quite mysterious.