Do the Math has a zesty essay on the physical limits to economic and technological growth.  Rabid libertarians and free market triumphalists may need a maintenance shot of Viagra after reading this. I’m just sayin’ …

Have you noticed that numerous states with conservative governments (especially Ohio and Wisconsin) are on strikingly similar trajectories? You can thank ALEC for that. I think that the authorship of legislation should be transparent. On any given bill, the sponsors should be able to cough up the names of those who wrote the code.

Have you read any of Pliny’s Natural History?  Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) was an amazing fellow. He was a Roman polymath who commanded military regiments yet found time to chronicle an encyclopedic collection of writings on life as a Roman. His Natural History is a detailed recollection of customs, medicaments, natural history and metallurgy. I’ve been reading his chapter on metallurgy in the 1855 translation by Bostock and Riley.  Pliny died in the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD. His body was found covered in pumice. Had the Romans known how to sail up wind, he would have survived.

David Ogilvy, founder of Ogilvy and Mather, was a master of advertising. This link is a distillation of his thinking on the enterprise of advertising.

Before I pass from this earth I want to take a tour of Iceland.