So, when we invaded Afganistan and Iraq, why didn’t we finance it with a bond drive à la WWII?  Civilian citizens could’ve invested in some real sense in the action and much of the US debt might have been owed to … well … us.  Instead, national treasure is owed to foreign states and anyone else who buys treasury notes.

Am I wrong here? If we’re going to send young men and women off to fight and die on foreign soil for some shared benefit, why wouldn’t we want to invest in it ourselves? Isn’t that the right thing to do?

Instead, we allowed China and others to invest in our foreign adventures and earn some interest in doing so. Citizens get to pay off the cost plus interest. I guess that the interest would’ve been owed anyway, but the money would be in US circulation.

Instead of paying for our own wars, we borrowed the money and had a real estate mortgage calamity bubble instead.

I recall that someone asked President Bush II about this early on and his recommendation was to “go shopping”. The subtext was that they had it all under control.

I have to be missing some key concept, right?

How can reasonably smart people be- collectively anyway- so wrong? Clearly, their ideas and policies are corrupt or faulty.  Parties and their members adopt policies and platforms that are either unsustainable or willfully apply an imbalance of favor.

The party system is corrupt to it’s core and must be taken down. Social networking may be the lightning bolt to do the job.