So here is a short timeline of events that will unfold after the Iranians block the Strait of Hormuz. Beginning 48 hours after the blockade starts, at around 3:00 AM, RF jamming will begin and a US Navy man-of-war somewhere over the horizon will launch a barrage of cruise missiles at Iranian surface ships in the Straits. From an undisclosed location, a US nuclear submarine will launch more cruise missiles and a hunter-killer sub will close in on any Iranian subs that may be in the vicinity.

USAF strike force assets will be overhead and will provide electronic counter-measures, signal intelligence, and aerial reconn.

Thirty seconds before the cruise missiles arrive at their targets, the muffled slapping sound of 2000 sphincters slamming shut will be heard as Iranian seamen realize what is about to happen when the angry, armor piercing, high explosive warheads arrive. The reality of a torrent of supersonic incandescent pressurized gas, slurried with molten metal, penetrating the hull into inhabited space is too awful to contemplate.

The president will be given the choice of bombarding Iranian naval bases, but he will wisely decline.

By 9 AM, the remaining Iranian naval combatant will be disabled and listing.  Many men are in the oily water, more than a few of them corpses floating in the flooded interior spaces of their sunken vessels.

Anderson Cooper’s plane is wheels-up by noon Iran time, but the thing is over. US men-of-war steam toward the kill zone looking for survivors. The descendents of Xerxes and Rumi have been in the streets of Tehran since 7 am slapping their foreheads and shaking their fists. But who are they really mad at? The US or their government?

In reality, I don’t think this scenario will unfold. The US will gather a show of force and intimidate the Iranians to stand down. Individual Iranian ships making aggressive moves will be delt with swiftly, though.