Being part-owner of a theatre company, I also get to be a roadie and stagehand for our play that opens in a week. Today is load-in day at the theatre. We have to move the set and props onto the stage and wings. Costumes have to go to the dressing rooms and make-up room supplies have to be put in place.  After many weeks of reheasal and production work, the thing is really going to happen. For Kitchen Witches, we have a cast of 4- 3w and 1m.

This time we put a bit more effort into promotional work. We have a talented graphic artist who does posters and other kinds of copy for us. Posters are up in every shop that’ll let us do it. Post cards are out to our direct mailing list of recpients. We have not advertised on radio owing to the high cost. Newspaper advertising is a puzzlement to us. Who reads papers anymore? When you have a small advertising budget, getting bang for the buck is risky.  

In community theatre, your audience is substantially the 55 + crowd. And among that group, it is heavily skewed to the 65 + demographic of blue hairs and Q-tips. Retired people go to plays. The age 21 to 50 group are commonly very scarce in the audience. I think it has always been that way.  We are a theatre group without a bricks and mortar theatre. Given the thin demographic, if we had to keep a buildng in operation we’d be broke already.

We have local “celebrities” each doing a cameo during one particular scene in each performance: Two mayors, the school superintendant, an elementary school principal, and a few business leaders. 

Our set guy came up with some clever stuff. We can’t wait to see the set in use.

Th’ Gaussling was in our November production of Dearly Departed, but the current production had no role for a cranky middle aged guy, so I’m sitting it out. We have one actor who just finished a run of Rocky Horror as well as an assistant director who was in the same production.  Their production of Rocky Horror was quite well done, even if they did not allow us to throw toast. First timers like myself got called on stage for a public spanking by one of the transvestite characters. That was hilarious.   \;-)