Gas and oil in the ground is like money in the bank. We know where much of it is and it will only appreciate in value over time. Why are we so hasty to suck it out of the ground and burn it?  Is it because we think we need it now? Extra supply will indeed drive global motor fuel prices down for a time.

A side effect of supporting continued cheap petroleum is that ever more infrastructure will be constructed that is dependent on cheap hydrocarbon energy and less infrastructure constructed for other forms of energy. Inevitably, supply will become scarce and a society constructed on a foundation of cheap petroleum energy will collapse.

This perilous proposition seems pretty simple in concept. What history shows is that a small number of highly dedicated people can swing the mood of a larger population. Many revolutions begin with a dedicated core who exploit some dissatisfaction to effect a desired change.

Right now we see a GOP that is driven by a minority of religious zealots wrapped in the flag and bent on an orgy of fratricide. What drives the Democrats is a mystery to me. They are a herd of cats.

Americans need to find meaning and a place in the world that does not involve urban warfare. We need to throttle back military spending and direct resources towards a sustainable market economy unified by peaceful common purpose. We are at a place in history where the Enlightenment is at risk of ending.