There is a nice post at NeuroChambers on doing a PhD.  It’s well worth the read for those who may be contemplating the form of self-abuse called “grad school”. Getting a PhD has more to do with adopting a 24/7 lifestyle than getting a diploma. The diploma is just your journyman’s card to get you to your mining claim where you have to set up your sluice all over again and begin sifting for nuggets.

Gold, silver, copper, and molybdenum discovered in Haiti. Majescor Resources report favorable initial findings. Yow! That’s good news for somebody.

Friday (tomorrow) night is opening night for our play. In it I play a farmer of root vegetables … for the second time no less. I farmed Beets, previously, and a giant potato this time.  The story relates to an article in the September 28, 1895, issue of Scientific American, p 199, showing the potato and the farmer that I portray. The play is written in 19th century American English vernacular and has been a little vexing for the whole cast to adapt to. This will be the first performance of this play, so no one really knows what to expect by way of audience reaction. Our last play with this writer, Beets, was quite successful and well regarded.

In any case, final rehearsal is tonight. The set is complete, costumes fitted, special effects worked out, and light and sound cues set. We’re the first theatre crew to use the remodeled facility, so everyone is psyched. It’s a real trip to be in the blackened back stage and wings, dim blue lights illuminating the walkways, while waiting for your cue to walk onto a live stage with an audience in the seats.