According to the CERN website, a webcast on LHC experiments is planned for, Wednesday, July 4, 2012. Apparently a new particle has been detected. Could it be the big chalupa? The Higgs boson?

CERN has previously announced resonance data at the expected energy but cautioned that the correlation by the requisite number of sigma’s was not in hand. In the US, a similar announcement was issued the other day from Tevatron data in Illinois. Same problem- not enough sigma’s. Hmmm. I wonder what CERN is going to say tomorrow wink wink nod nod?

On a side note, according to Quantum Diaries, researchers at CERN run Monte Carlo collision simulations for comparison purposes to the actual data stream. If events occur that are not anticipated by the simulations, then there is cause to examine the particular events. Interesting approach to sorting the data.