Chem Haiku

Mighty exotherm
Sleeping in reaction mass
Please stay home today

Crystalline needles
Growing from amber liquor
Wistful as hoar frost

Give it a try and post your lines on the ACS Chem Haiku website.  化学俳句

About gaussling

Gaussling is a senior scientist in the chemical business. He occasionally breaks glassware and has been known to generate new forms of hazmats. Gaussling also digs aerospace, geology, and community theatre. View all posts by gaussling

3 responses to “Chem Haiku

  • Joe Loughry

    We missed you, Gaussling.
    Long winter without a post.
    Glad to hear you back.

      • Joe Loughry

        Well…I didn’t reply immediately when you reappeared a few days ago, but when the above came to mind I couldn’t resist.

        Here is my favourite haiku. It comes out of my printer once in a while, always on a page by itself.

        This job requires more memory than is available in this printer.
        Try one or more of the following, and then print again:
        For the output format, choose Optimize for Portability.
        In the Device Settings Page, make sure the Available PostScript Memory is accurate.
        Reduce the number of fonts in the document.
        Print the document in parts.

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