While sitting at a stop light this morning, facing south and bathed in the low morning sun, I happened to notice an interesting thing. The sun was a palm width above the horizon and admittedly a bit of a driving nuisance. As the radio droned on I absently squinted toward the east. Just then I became aware of a thin layer of mist-deposited road grime clinging to my driver’s side window. It was alive with thousand’s of faint but unmistakable points of diffracted sunlight. The thin gray layer had an overall iridescent aspect to it that I had never taken note of before.

As I pondered the spectral beauty of this I became aware of an alarming noise. The driver of the white Ford F-250 behind me was waving his hands and honking without the slightest consideration for the unlikely phenomenon I was enjoying. The enchantment vanished as quickly as it appeared as I motored into the intersection and the beginning of the day.