As of today, I am 18/30 of the way through radiation. Last week I was unable to eat much, resulting in a large weight loss (ca 10 wt %) and necessitating the placement of a gastric tube. This was done under general anesthesia, but while I was awake. A fluoroscope was used to view the procedure. This was a bizarre experience. I could feel the stomach being punctured and sutured to the abdominal wall.

As weird as this experience was, it was nothing compared to the prostate biopsy the next day. Eight corings of the prostate though the rectum wall producing 8 little meat sticks of sample. It felt like the snapping of a tight rubber band against the tissue. The doc tried to ask about my hobbies during the procedure for distraction. Glad that is over.

The biggest side effect of this has been fatigue. I’ve experimented with more exercise to good effect. Freshly juiced vegetables help compensate for the drug induced constipation. And a large influx of calories through the gastric tube all add up to an improved energy level. I have been juicing beets and swiss chard.

In general, owing to the radiation on the throat (they say) my taste buds are operating improperly. Everything tastes really bad.

This week, a day past the third 90 mg drip of cisplatin, I am experiencing hair loss.