It’s been 16 days since radiation ended. My throat (oropharanx) seems better though the internal blistering has not totally subsided. Fatigue and boredom grind the soul like a rock in my shoe. I’ve collected new books on poetry and science but to no avail. Concentration remains elusive.

Eating is tedious. The g-tube pump is slow and I am not tolerating the nutrient fluid (i.e., “food”) all that well. Food tastes awful and swallowing is problematic.

My other cancer- prostate- is next on the firing line. I won the cancer lottery with an aggressive form that has spread to a lymph node but not to any bones according to the Tc bone scan.  I am under hormone ablation therapy which slows down the spread for a few years anyway. We may start radiation in January. The docs won’t say anything about life expectancy. The urologist is disinclined to treat it surgically. At the UC hospital, they have a tumor board meeting every Tuesday where they discuss cases. It’s nice to know that multiple folks are looking at it.