A Big Bronx Cheer for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee!!

The makers of Jeep have resurrected the standard Jeep Cherokee in, well, how else can I say it … a very stupid way. They have abandoned the classic boxy utility vehicle lines of the old Cherokee in favor of the now popular fat and squat ellipsoidal lines of contemporary design. In other words, it looks like a jelly bean or rugby ball.  The classic 4.0 Liter Cherokee had power to spare and it had the fantastic visibility of an inverted fish tank. It had troubles too, namely bad electric connectors and perhaps an under-designed cooling system. But at least it had the classic squared-off Jeep lines and lots of traction.

But the greatest sin of all was abandoning the 4.0 L straight-6 engine for the 3.2 L engines. Jeep?? WTF!! What were you thinkin’? I would love to meet the committee of marketing pencil necks and constipated MBA’s responsible for this one. It’s a travesty.

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5 responses to “A Big Bronx Cheer for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee!!

  • Philip Rakita

    Dear Gaussling,

    I see you’re back and full of vinegar. Good to hear it.

  • Hap

    I hope that you can get well. I appreciate your commentary and hope that it gets to continue.

    I’m not really a Jeep fan (don’t like Dodge/Chrysler), so you can take my opinion with whatever condiment is necessary, but I don’t really mind the look so much. The engine cut, though, might be a problem. They might be hoping to boost their fuel economy numbers, which would account for the design and the engine cut.

    Have you driven or seen a Patriot? I drove a Jeep Patriot recently (8K miles – probably 2013 – rental to drive home with more room than a Civic or Aveo) and was not impressed. I assume it had the 2L engine, and it had not much power (yes, I know, there were 2 people + 2 kids and stuff, but I think either of our small cars have more power). The gas mileage (25 mpg, >90% highway) was not impressive (rated at 23/30 for 2014), particularly with a useless gas gauge (below 1/4, didn’t know how much I had) and a gas tank almost as small as that of my 2012 Civic. The seating room was significantly better than a small car’s, but the storage was not really good – there was a little more storage room than my car but not much).

    I would worry that with an engine cut, the power and gas issues I thought I had on the Patriot would be replicated in the Cherokee.

    • gaussling

      I’ve never been impressed with the Jeep Patriot. I’m looking around to price out a powertrain rebuild along with some other components. It’s hard to trade in a 4.0 liter jeep for anything with less power. I understand the imperative to produce greater gas economy, but I am willing to pay for less mileage.

  • prospectorjack

    That is the same feeling I had when I first laid eyes on it. Lame!!!!

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