US Russian Policy is Pathetic

I just have to say that in regard to the deteriorating situation with the Soviet Union Russian Federation, it does not appear that either the EU or the US have their best thinkers working on it. I think US leaders have misunderstood Putin from the beginning and I see very little to convince me that Obama’s people, the Congress, or any other high level functionaries known to me have a clue how to get their arms around Russian behavior or a workable diplomacy.

Certainly recent (post-Ford) US incursions into foreign lands with troops or drones have taken us off the moral high ground in this regard. How can the US lecture Russia on the invasion of Crimea when we invaded Iraq based on lies, subterfuge, and outright errors?

Bush 43 and Clinton had historical opportunities to gain better alliance with Russia. But we supported Yeltsin in the Clinton years and ignored Putin’s offers of assistance after 9/11. The Russian people were mystified when the US supported Yeltsin, widely regarded as a drunken buffoon. Gorbachev’s memoirs paint a lackluster and untrustworthy picture of Yeltsin.  And the US has done nothing but confirm Putin’s paranoia about US intentions by adding membership to NATO, ABM’s in Poland, petroleum wars in the middle east, and the general appearance of weakness by in-house political fratricide.

We have no use for milquetoast administrations like Obama’s, nor do we need rabid swingin’ dicks like John McCain or his hawkish brethren. We do need Russian and Slavic scholars who speak the language and understand the history of Russia at least back to Peter the Great. They can be immigrants from former Soviet territories of the ilk of Zbigniew Brzezinski, Madeleine Albright, or even a world savvy guy like Henry Kissinger. Who are the current brain trust for eastern European politics and is the CIA giving them good intelligence? Did the CIA predict the takeover of Crimea?

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6 responses to “US Russian Policy is Pathetic

  • Philip Rakita

    Well said. I wish you were running our foreign policy.

  • Vladimir Chupakhin

    Why do treat “takeover of Crimea” as takeover? Legally it’s the same question as Kosovo, Falkland islands, invasion by USA of Iraq, Panama, Afganistan, etc. Current international laws and organization like UN are pathetic.

    • gaussling

      Hi Vlad,
      I guess Crimea was taken over by the Crimeans by ballot from Ukraine with the backing of an unidentified army. My annoyance is with the western response to the whole thing. Sanctions are pointless with Putin. He won this bout.

      • Vladimir Chupakhin

        Of cause Putin won – all cards was on his side. 1. People of Crimea (70% Russian) was against Ukrainian government. 2. Antirussian politics of Ukraine for the past 23 years and of cause right after “revolution” – they just dismissed that half of the population speak Russian. I just don’t understand the sanctions…why now? why whatever? Was any sanctions by EU to US because of invasion of Iraq? Afghanistan? bombing of Serbia? hmmm…nothing. So, I think it’s not fare to talk on a legal level who is right or not, it’s matter who shout louder, who act faster and who is more pushy. Forget the international laws – they are unfortunately phony.

  • Keith Henson

    There is something that might interest you, chances the nature of warfare as well as fixing the energy, carbon, climate and economic problems.

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