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This is too cool. See for yourself. Sweet Home Alabama. Kinda makes ya wonder about the RF interference for the neighbors.

Big confusion settled here for Th’ Gaussling. What I had always believed was a Gil Scott-Heron piece was actually Les McCann performing a Eugene McDaniels song. Here is a link to a track from Montreaux in 1969. Not the highest quality recording, but a great tune nontheless.

Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton have a version that is competent, but lacks the spark that McCann put on it. It really should be delivered as an edgy piece and the Beck/Clapton version with vocalist Doyle Bramhall lacks the anger that makes the song. It is a protest song after all.

The Taylor Hicks version is not worthy of comment.

[I fixed the Link to Les McCann- sorry!]

A little Cabernet Sauvignon, Blue Man Group, some Gilbert & Sullivan- life is good. I nearly forgot I have to go to work in the morning. Dash it all, damn and blast.

A friend sent this hilarious Bill Gates movie link.  Thanks JT.

When it all comes tumbling down, these are the first 100 things to disappear.

Interested in the Taxonomy of Logical Fallacies? I guess I should actually read this.

Just wanna know how damned dangerous blogging really is? Satisfied??

Farewell to Bobby Fisher.

Lookin’ to get rid of some of that Radwaste you’ve got buried in the back yard? Lots of links here.

Here is a great performance of “Step Right Up” by Tom Waits. Admittedly, Waits is an acquired taste but this is one of his best pieces.


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