Th’ Gaussling is a late 50-ish PhD organic chemist who likes to write about a variety of sciency topics including chemistry, the chemical industry, process development, process safety, history, geology, community theatre, and whatever else comes to mind.

After a 2 year post-doc and 5 years of teaching at several private colleges I succumbed to the pull of the dark side. A hapless participant in three failed start-ups, I reluctantly took the job slot of a dead guy and entered chemical sales and technical service. Seven years in the specialty fine chemical arena as a business development manager and ten years in the application of reactive hazards research in chemical process safety has left me with a view of the chemical business I could have never anticipated. Oh yeah, I spend a LOT of time combing through patents.

My essays are my own and do not represent the opinions or policies of anyone else, let alone past or current employers. They can get their own damned blog.