Th’ Gaussling

Th’ Gaussling is a senior PhD organic chemist who likes to write about a variety of sciency topics including chemistry, the chemical industry, process development, process safety, history, and increasingly, the mining of metals.

My opinions are my own and do not represent the opinions or policies of anyone else, let alone past or current employers, governments, political parties, space agencies, ad hoc committees, gardening clubs, scientific foundations, etc.

6 responses to “Th’ Gaussling

  • Becky

    How are your other endeavors coming along? Waiting to hear about your new enterprise. Amazingly busy with mine, but spending most of my time correcting other people’s mistakes. Hang in there.
    Your Colorado-Kentucky connection

    • gaussling

      Nice to hear from my favorite chromatographer and former colleague. Your eye for detail is as sharp as ever, I’m guessing. I paused my other endeavor to sweep the cobwebs out of my head. Just about done with that. Hope all is well.


      Th’ Gaussling

      • Becky

        Hope the cobwebs are now displaced and new thoughts and ideas have taken their place. In the middle of six method validations for an ANDA filing and five bioequivalence studies which need to be completed by the end of April. No rest for the weary. Are you keeping Skippy busy?

      • gaussling

        Skippy and I have figured out how to pull the needle out a haystack in high yield.

        I’m sure you’ll find bioequivalence in at least 4 of the 5 cases. /;-)

        I have to light up the LC and do some studies. Isn’t that funny?

        Hope all is well on your end. I miss your wry wit around here.


  • Steve Bergens

    Hey, whatever happened to the picospin NMR system? Was it used? Is it sitting in a corner? What are your impressions of working with the unit? I can find very few user reviews on it.

  • Maanas Maheshwari

    I want to synthesize Diazonium Salt of Direct blue 71 Dye (Diazotization), i.e. to convert the primary amine to Diazonium N=N. I am unable to find any similar research in literature for dyes.
    I tried following the method given in literature for diazotization of primary amine, but this method involving HCl and NaNO2 is not working with the dye.
    Thank you.

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